PRIYANKA SINGH, Communications Design

Bonjour! Bienvenue!

Over the years I have had multiple opportunities to design experiences for a variety of domains such as Retail, FMCG, Digital, Packaging, Hospitality, NGOs, Education, Bio-Pharma, Television, & Governments, with some amazing brands such as Digital Credit Union, Bosch, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, TED talks, Otis, Michelin, Nestle, Fila, Asian Paints, ITC, Marico Unilever, Hindware, Gem Council among others.

My creative approach is human-centric, empathetic, borrowing from research, insight, and intuition. I have led projects and managed teams both globally and locally. Co-creating and collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams is what I find exciting. My diverse experience and travels have made my journey richer and fuller. Design to me celebrates the nuances of different cultures, perspectives, and approaches.

I like photography, illustration, bookmaking, screen printing, and origami. Nurture a strong wanderlust. Love sports such as swimming, running, rafting, cycling, and practice yoga. Big dog lover. I love exploring local cultures, languages, cuisines, and visual language.

Please do take a look around. If you would like to collaborate, hire, or simply say 'hello', please feel free to write to me at: